Crazy Stories from Our Shop: A Look Behind the Scenes

Crazy Stories from Our Shop: A Look Behind the Scenes

There’s the story of the grandma who got a tattoo at the age of 99, the 3-year old tattoo artist, and the man who got a tattoo just to win a Mini Cooper, and then there’s real life tattoo shop stories. Here, you can read just a few of the stories our shop still talks about years after the fact.

Our Best Tattoo & Piercing Stories

1. The Birthday Piercing

At our shop, we always do free birthday piercings. Back in the day, we didn’t have any parameters though. We would do anything and everything.

So, this one time, a couple of ladies came in. They were a mother and daughter asking about genital piercings for the daughter. We agreed of course. Then, they get all ready, we get them in the chair, and we do the piercing.

The piercing turned out well and the client was super happy. But, there’s one catch. When the piercing was done, we looked down and see that something it off. As it turns out, the daughter had left a shit stain on the chair.

Now, we know she had to have seen it but neither of us said anything. She doesn’t even offer to clean it up. The funny thing is that she still comes into the store from time to time. None of our staff has ever addressed it though.

It’s safe to say that we since narrowed our scope as far as birthday piercings go.

2. The Spelling Error

One of our guys had only been working at our shop for a little under year. Of course, he had already proven himself though. Like all other artists, we put him through a probationary period where you have to work on a number of clients before being set loose on a walk-in customer.

At the time, he had three to four walk-in tattoos under his belt when a girl and a bunch of her friends walk in looking to get a verse by the Philippians on her arm.

The girl brought in a reference and the tattoo artist went to make a stencil for her. She checks it out and all her friends check it out. Plus, even a few others in the shop take a look at it. Everyone thought it was great. It had clean lettering and everything.

So, he finishes the tattoo and sends the girl on her way. Only to get a call later saying “I think you left out the ‘h’”.

He goes “You think???” and then comes to the shop to look at the stencil he had made. That’s our fall back here. Everyone can look at the stencil before we put a tattoo on someone. So, even on the stencil it says “Pilippians.”

The girl wasn’t mad. She knew she had approved the stencil too. She just comes back into the shop and we re-worked the whole tattoo for her.

Misspelling a tattoo is a tattoo artist’s worst nightmare though! So, the guy got some shit at the shop for a while. You know, people said “Don’t forget an ‘h’” pretty much every time he had to do a tattoo.

3. The Myth About Piercing

This one is short and sweet. You know when you have a friend who just believes something crazy? Like your buddy who thinks that if they put a spoon under their bed then it will snow. Or, the guy at work who believes that if he wears his team’s jersey during the game, then they will definitely win?

Well, one time a couple of girls came into the shop during a visit from California. We were kind of teasing them because one of them wanted their belly button pierced and we told them it would really hurt. But then one of them says that if her hands are cold then it won’t hurt. She really believed it too! We were sad to tell her that’s not how things work with piercings.

4. The ER Visit That Never Happened

A few years ago, at our old shop, three people came in. One of the guys wanted his tongue pierced. The other two were the older guy’s little brother and his girlfriend. After the piercing, the little brother is lightheaded but the older brother still pays for his piercing and then all three head out the door. Then, all of a sudden, we hear this crash!

We used to be upstairs back then. So, we go to the hallway and start walking toward the three people. It wasn’t the older brother that had the piercing that went out, it was his little brother. He had hit his head on the wall and completely knocked himself out. He even had a big gash on his head.

So, we’re trying to get him to the E.R. but the big brother said “Aww, he’ll be okay. I’m not taking him to the E.R. He’ll be fine.

We had a camera set up in the hallway at the time. Meaning, we could all go back to our security system to watch the whole thing. The two brothers even sat out there for a good hour and a half before finally leaving. That was definitely one of the weirder stories we have.

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