Is There a Right Age to Get a Tattoo?

Is There a Right Age to Get a Tattoo?

Over the years, the stigma surrounding those with tattoos has declined. As a result, more and more people are considering tattoos as a method of personal expression. Even today’s older generations, who may have previously considered tattoos to be unprofessional or unseemly, are beginning to come around to the merits of permanently adorning oneself in ink. However far these preconceptions have moved, many people still believe there’s some prime time to get a tattoo, claiming that either someone is too young or too old. So, we at WarmArt Tattoo & BodyPiercing decided to explore this concept a little further, asking if there is any right age to get a tattoo.

One thing is certain: You can be too young to be tattooed. Most Western nations have laws that prohibit the permanent tattooing of minors, which means most people probably won’t get their first tattoos until they are at least 15 – 18 years of age. One reason why these laws are in place is because it is believed minors are unable to appropriately comprehend or consent to the magnitude of a decision that a tattoo can represent. But laws aside, it just may not be wise to get a tattoo when you’re younger and not for the reasons you might think.

Getting tattooed at a younger age isn’t necessarily something that many people see as a mistake. In fact, some recent data suggests that the number of people who come to regret their first tattoo is relatively low. Many people share the same passions as they did when they were young, thus their tattoos continue to reflect their identities appropriately. However, what younger tattoo recipients don’t necessarily realize is that there’s plenty of time to get a tattoo, not necessarily plenty of space.

As we age, we collect memories and experiences that shape the things we care about, so it stands to reason that we will only develop greater passions over our years. What happens when we come to care about something else a little more? You may one day decide to get a tattoo that is even more significant to you, only to find a lack of prime real estate available on your body.

Most Americans who get inked receive their first tattoo anywhere between age 18 and 40. Having previously received a tattoo, these people are likely to continue with the practice well into their future, but what about adults who have never been tattooed? Is there anything keeping them from doing so besides their own convictions?

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What might be one of the biggest misconceptions to come from older tattoo recipients is that their skin is not healthy enough to be properly inked. It’s true that the health of your skin is likely to change as you age. However, that shouldn’t stop you from getting a tattoo. The truth of the matter is that as long as you’ve found an artist who feels confident in their abilities to account for your skin’s age, there’s nothing holding you back.

Regardless of your age, the most important question to ask is “why?” Why do you want a tattoo? Why are you ultimately deciding to get one or not to get one? The answer to that question should never rely on the opinions of another party or something as silly as your age. If you find yourself making this decision because someone else does or does not want you to get a tattoo, maybe you should reconsider. Getting a tattoo is a very personal choice, and it should always remain that way.

In the end, it all comes down to careful consideration. Not only do you first need to decide if a tattoo is right for you, but you should always do your research into the establishment and artist who will be doing your work. Once you’ve made your decision, you should never allow something as superfluous as age to dictate whether you turn your body into a new piece of art.

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