What to Know Before Getting Your First Cartilage Piercing

What to Know Before Getting Your First Cartilage Piercing

At WarmArt, we know that piercings are almost a way of life. You get a few and suddenly you want more and more. But before you come to shop, we want to help you prepare for a few things, especially if you’re getting your cartilage pierced.

Cartilage piercing is totally safe and procedure but it’s a different experience than a simple ear lobe piercing for sure. Especially if you had your ears pierced by a piercing gun in the middle of a mall. So, we know you may be wondering what to expect when you come by our shop for your first professional cartilage piercing. Here’s what to know:


  1. You’re probably going to be nervous. Our advice: breathe through it! You’ll be okay. If your heart is racing or your palms are sweaty before your appointment, we get it. But just remember, breathing will calm you down.
  2. You won’t hear a loud noise when we pierce the cartilage. The needle will be long and hollow, so, we can pierce your ear quickly without any dramatics.
  3. You might be surprised by how much it won’t hurt. We won’t make any promises of course. Still, a lot of people say a cartilage piercing is way less painful than they thought it would be. It won’t be painless, and the newly pierced site may swell, but it won’t be anything too shocking or unbearable.
  4. It will take a while to heal. This is one of the main differences between getting your ear lobe and cartilage pierced. Ear lobes have a lot of blood flow. Meaning, they can heal pretty quickly. Your cartilage piercing on the other hand? That can take between three to six months depending on the piercing type.
  5. Sleeping is going to suck for a while. Sorry but there’s nothing we can really do about it. You’ll just have to get used to sleeping on one side for a while.
  6. You’ll have to keep your piercing clean. You probably already know this but we have to say it anyway. You’ll have to use saline solution to clean it each day, twice a day and follow any other instructions we may give you. You’ll regret it otherwise, trust us.
  7. Once you heal, you might be addicted. Just warning you. You’ve made it through the initial fear of getting your cartilage pierced, so there’s nothing getting in your way to get more piercings. That’s usually how it works here anyway.


On that note, we can’t wait to see you back here! If you have any other questions, let us know. We don’t mind a little interrogation before your appointment.


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