When Did Tattooing Become So Popular?

When Did Tattooing Become So Popular?

When you got your first tattoo, did your artist warn you about how addicting they are? Chances are you sat at a chair, looking at the finished product and heard the warning, “I’ll bet I’ll see you here soon for your next one.”

Today, tattoos are everywhere. An interesting fact because just over 60 years ago tattoos were looked down on.

It all boils down to how our artwork is seen in today’s culture. Right now, celebrities, athletes, and even that guy sitting in the corner office of your building has at least one or two. They are the norm. A conversation piece. Important marks of individuality.

Tattoos Date Back to Prehistoric Times

Rewind to 3300 B.C. and tattoos were found on the mummified remains of Otzi, the Iceman. He had no less than 57! We think these were all made to help alleviate his joint pain. Other tattoos have been found dating way back as well. These were either for religious purposes or to help commemorate important rites of passage.

For eighteen-year-olds, they still help mark an important rite of passage. In other words, the first time you’re allowed to get inked or to show what makes you unique. You may even get one to help mark something you always want to remember. That’s why so many get names or meaningful phrases for their first tattoos, while others go for big graphics that declare their style or commemorate where they are from.

That’s the beauty of art – you get to express yourself with it. And today, tattoos are seen as another form of art.

Culture Shifts Make Tattooing More Popular

It’s interesting to see such a huge culture change. One shift that has definitely helped our artwork become more popular is of course pop-culture, but also how safe tattoos have become. Different-sized needles and more vibrant ink colors have made tattoos more interesting. Plus, tattooing is now seen as medically safe.

That’s because the industry is now regulated. Our shops are now inspected by the Health Department with special attention paid to first aid, universal precautions, and blood-borne-pathogen handling procedures. (Though this does vary from State to State.)

Plus, tattoo shops are growing rapidly. In fact, tattooing is the sixth fastest growing industry in America. So, with more safety regulations and more shops appearing, it’s no surprise that tattoos have entered the mainstream.

Thankfully, though, tattoos have become more mainstream, they are still completely unique. Each tattoo means something different to everyone and carries a unique story with it.

Now tell us, what do you think of tattoos? When do you think they first became popular? Go ahead and tell us in the comments!


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