Branding Aftercare


Caring for Your New Branding

  1. Increased blood flow to branded area causes it to swell up and redden. Apply Aloe Vera (fresh or from the tube) immediately after branding to sooth area and decrease swelling.
  2. Cover fresh brands with non-stick bandages, continue non-stick until brand (3rd degree burn) is well crusted and dry.
  3. As brand heals, scabby crust will peel off. Clean brand with sterile saline solution or pads and again cover with non-stick bandages as long as the wound is open and wet. If severe itching develops, it may indicate minor infection. Swab lightly with a coat of Povidine iodine to treat. Otherwise keep clean and dry during the healing process. (4 to 6 weeks).
  4. Avoid peeling off scabs prematurely or coating brand with petroleum jelly products (like Bacitracin ointment) which impedes healing & scar formation.
  5. Some people have had success in making the healing brand more prominent, depressed or raised and keloided, by slowing down the healing process (causing more scar tissue) by frequent daily washing with hydrogen peroxide solution—or rubbing the inside raw edges of the healing trenches with cauterizing agents like Silver Nitrate (best in stick form) or Ferric chloride (stop bleed).

We are not physicians: Any suggestions we make are based upon our experience and on that of other Professionals in the industry.