WarmArt Tattoo & BodyPiercings Policies


Regardless of how well behave your child is we cannot have children under the age of 14  in the TATTOO & PIERCING STATIONS.(unless they they have permission from the Tattooer or Piercer)

We understand that it is difficult to make arraignments for your children, but the tattoo shop is an adult environment and you can’t watch your kids when you’re trying to set up appointments for awesome back pieces and sleeves. Most people don’t think about it and have no one to watch their children while they’re setting up appointments or trying to get pierced or tattooed.


Offer Policy

Just a few words about the statement This offer cannot be used with any other offer In general what this means in WarmArt Tattoo & BodyPiercing world is this. When you get gift card for example you can use one gift card per procedure we do not allow stacking cards on one procedure. For example if you get a gift card and want to do the Wednesday special buy 1 piercing get the second for ½ price then you have to pick one or the other not both. Also on the Win a Free tattoo offer you can only register once per month, only win once per year.Gift cards are only good for one year only and like the birthday piercings it is non-transferable. 

Donation Policy

As with a lot of things we have found that we need to make few rules. This is in regards to the gift cards we donate to help individuals and groups for doing fundraisers and such and need raffle prizes. We are still extremely generous with these gifts to your cause, but these gift cards can in no way shape or form be given back to a committee member for their own personal use. Any organization or individual caught doing this will no longer be eligible for donations from WarmArt Tattoo & BodyPiercing .again.  Also we do not allow stacking cards on one procedure when you get gift card for example you can use one gift card per procedure. Gift cards are only good for one year only and like the birthday piercings it is non-transferable. (NO CASH VALUE)


•             A deposit is required on all tattoo appointments

•             a $50 non-refundable deposit is required for any appointment this will be applied to your tattoo

•             If you do not give us a deposit we will take down your name write it in the book, but it will be considered an unsecured appointment in which case if someone comes in cash in hand wanting your spot it is theirs.

•             If you are calling on the phone a credit card is required.

•             If you are a no show or are late (15min) without a call you lose your deposit.

•             If you call at least 2 hours ahead of your appointment we can apply it to next tattoo

•             No cash refunds.

Free re-piercing Policy

It is our goal for you the customer to be satisfied with your new piercing .So if you have to remove your piercing for any medical reason i.e. infections M.R.I., C.A.T. scan, X-ray, surgery’s ECT. We pierced it crooked or it migrates out .We will re-pierce it for free!

You will need to bring in the jewelry or you can purchase some from us. This offer is good for one year from the date of your piercing. (NO CASH REFUNDS)

Free Touch-ups

We offer free touch ups for one year from the completion of the tattoo by the original artist.

When a tattooer or Piercer leaves

If a tattooer or piercer no longer works at WarmArt Tattoo & BodyPiercing and you have already paid in full or you just want it finished or it needs to be touched up. We will make a reasonable effort to finish it and stand behind it. Keep in mind you may be asked for a receipt or some kind of proof of payment we do not give cash refunds. We only keep records for 1 year so this offer is good only for 1 year after you put money down.


We will make every reasonable effort possible to resolve any issue a customer has with a Tattoo,BodyPiercing or Brand but we do not give cash cash refunds