Tattoo Aftercare




Blue Green Foam                                                                                                 Gently wash away ink and plasma throughout the tattoo process Wash your tattoo thoroughly with Blue Green Foam/Liquid Soap and warm water 3 to 4 times per day.Use your fingers with medium pressure during your washes to help remove any dried secretions in the pores of your skin.Washing with warm water opens the derma pores and gives your skin a deep clean to prevent scabs from forming. The foam should soothe and moisturize the tattoo, if it becomes irritated switch to the Ocean Care Cream. Wash every morning and before bed then apply H2Ocean. Follow tip card directions for the duration of aftercare process. Drying and peeling is normal after the 3rd day.

OCEAN CARE CREAM AFTERCARE                                                                                                           Directions:you can apply the Ocean Care Cream immediately after getting a new tattoo. However, make sure that you wash the tattoo once thoroughly to rid any petroleum from the site before using Ocean Care Cream to moisturize.

Additional Aftercare Tips: Shake can vigorously. Spray a golf ball size of foam in your clean hand and rub in until it is completely absorbed into the tattoo. Reapply if needed to make a moist barrier over the entire tattoo. Pay special attention to areas with cracks and over worked areas. Keep your tattoo moist not wet. We recommend that you stay out of pools and soaking after getting a new tattoo.

Warnings: DO NOT mix H2Ocean products with any products that contain petroleum, wax or oils. If irritation occurs continue to consult with your artist or a doctor and discontinue use.

Proper aftercare is essential to the success of your permanent makeup procedure.

  • H2Ocean’s Permanent Makeup Aftercare line is the only Cosmetic Tattoo Aftercare line that contains ingredients that are natural to your body.

  • Our products can be used as frequently as you like without damaging your skin.

  • H2Ocean products are water based, will not clog your derma pores, and do not contain harsh chemicals.

  • Using our products will ensure healthy, moisturized skin.

  • H2Ocean’s all-natural, unique products are the best choice for the most effective Cosmetic Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Aftercare.


We are not physicians: Any suggestions we make are based upon our experience and on that of other Professionals in the industry.